Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

My favorite way to clean a room is to rearrange it. I love to totally switch things around, leaving no thing untouched. That way, I am forced to clean everything... even the little dust balls that lurk in the teeniest nook and cranny. Recently, it was the porch. Over the winter I had let piles of stuff for thrift store donations pile up in the corner along with other random stuff left over from last summer. Ugh. So, with a little help from two little helpers, I rearranged the porch and cleaned. Afterwards we celebrated with some fresh cut flowers from the garden, plus a vase for both of their rooms.
What's your method for the spring cleaning madness? Are you a rearranger? Do tell!


Sarah Jane said...

Before I read that they were helper I wondered if you rearranged Gus and Louise, too!!
Does Gus have school Thurs. a.m.? Want to get together with me and Kerry?
Oh, and thanks for the b-day wishes. I love chocolate. And strawberries. And angel food. And...well, anything is good. :)

Kerry said...

The porch looks great! I love the striped floors! I didn't notice them when I was over before. Spring cleaning? What is that? I swear I do not have a cleaning gene in my body. I want stuff to be clean and orderly but my desire to play, bake, read, knit, etc. wins out every time! Maybe I need to invite my in-laws to come visit more often. That is when things get the cleanest!
I'd love to see you soon! Next Thurs. or another day soon! Aren't we due for a Moms' night out?!

Tricia said...

OMGoodness! What a beautiful put-together porch! Makes me want to come join you for lemonade someday. Have a fun week celebrating your two precious birthday children!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

BEAUITFUL! The porch, the children, all of it! Yep, I am a rearranger too. Bummer when I get a room to a perfect arrangement for our needs and then no matter how I move it around, it ends up back the way I started!