Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Birthday Girl turns THREE!

May Day Parade 2010
May Day Parade 2009

What a difference a year can make!

Our little Louise is not so little anymore. She is turning three today and we're so proud of all that she has been doing lately. She wears underwear, sleeps in a big-girl bed, likes to help feed our dog Molly, wants to serve herself food from the freezer all day long, enjoys meat more than any other food (meat: want it!), loves singing, looks forward to visiting and cudding her five grand parents, gets silly with her brothers, could stay in the tub all day, thinks that dancing to "Put a Ring on It" with me is great fun, would paint her entire body if we let her, tells her Daddy "notha' hugkiss" several times each morning, thinks Barbie dolls look better naked, likes to dig in the dirt, can form a mean loaf of bread, and is not afraid to name all the flowers in our yard and make up names of the ones she doesn't remember. Weezie, you're quite a girl.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl with red hair.


Sarah Jane said...

Ah! Happy birthday, Weezie!

Everyone says life gets easier when your youngest is three. You're there, Jenn. Can you believe it?!?!

Enjoy your day!

Kerry said...

A very Happy Birthday to a very special girl! And a special day for her mama and daddy too!

Tiff said...

She looks so grown up!!

noradawn said...

Can Jubi and I come dance with you two? We can wear our rings, and Jubi can wear her dress that's identical to the one Louise is wearing in the May Day picture from this year :) Belated Happy Birthday to Louise and Gus!

Valerie said...

what a happy month of May you have !!

like i said, yes, she has changed so much !