Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Birthday Boy turns FIVE

Yes, we have another birthday in our family this week. Gus and Louise almost shared a birthday. She was born 18 minutes before midnight, and we all sighed a collective sigh of relief. He has never minded sharing a birthday week with her... in fact, he loves the idea of having not one, but TWO cakes in a week.
Mr. Gus turns five today and we couldn't be prouder. It has been an exciting spring here with Gus making his mind up about wanting to ride his bike without training wheels. They were frustrating him and making bike riding not very fun. He ran up to me one day and said, "Mom, Berik beat me."
"WHAT?" I yelped.
Berik is Gus' cousin and best friend who is six months older than him and they often play rough together while they are having fun.
"Berik learned how to ride his bike without training wheels before me," Gus lamented.
I had forgotten that last summer we talked about learning to ride his bike without training wheels and that maybe he could beat Berik at the race. They're quite competitive and I figured this would be a little extra incentive.
"Mom, can we still do it before my birthday? That way I'll still be four, but he was five when he learned."
We got a tiny bike out of the garage and I showed him how to use it by kicking the ground, not using the pedals. He was so determined that he kicked up and down the sidewalk for about 10 minutes, then announced he was ready for my help. Within minutes of me running beside him holding the seat, he took off. Gus beamed.
Happy Birthday, Big G. We love you for your giggles, hugs, and cuddles, your collection of findings, your intense love of your brother and sister, your passion for PBJ sandwiches and a glass of slurpy milk, your desire to sneak treats from the locked up cupboard, your excitement when you listen to music (Surfin' USA!), your constant need for 'notha hugkiss in the morning from Daddy, and your helpfulness to me, on your own terms. Gus... we love you! Happy number FIVE! You're off to kindergarten soon, big guy!


Tiff said...

FIVE!?! Kindergargen?!

I can't even believe it.

Happy Birthday, G.

Sarah Jane said...

Feliz cumpleanos, Senorito Gus! Hasta pronto!

Kerry said...

My goodness! I didn't realize it was so close to being the same day! Whew! Happy, Happy Gus! Hope it was a wonderful day. Congrats on the bike riding skills!

Valerie said...

too late for birthday wishes :(
i can't beleive this young man is my twin ! (well month & day of course, not year !!)