Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thinking about a garden

My seed packets are sitting next to my coffee filters and coffee in the kitchen and I stare longingly at them every morning. How much longer? Who knows in Minnesota, really. My brother has a plan to make a room in his basement for us to set up grow lights. I bought a shop light a few years ago thinking that I would have time to start before the weather was nice. Little did I realize, with three kids some days I barely have time to brush my teeth. His idea of having it at his house made me very happy... he could do the daily maintenance and I could just visit.

If you need a primer on starting seeds, here's what Martha has to say.

So... I have carrots, broccoli, cosmos, two different Martha Stewart zinnia packs, pole runner beans, sugar snap peas and beans so far. We're joining a CSA this summer, so I'm trying to control myself. More on the CSA later.
Michelle and her girls are going to grow a lot of yummy things in that big lawn of theirs. What are you going to grow in your patch of green?

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