Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Have you seen this?

So fun, so fun. It makes me think about the art all around us and in us. Some people like to think of art only as something you make or buy to hang on a wall. How can that be? With so many talented artisans of every persuasion living all around us... doing, making, creating, and being... art is everywhere.

Today I found it again in my basement. I found the clean surface of my sewing table where I'm trying to sew Louise's curtains and blog at the same time. It has been so heaped with stuff that I hadn't allowed myself to do art. The art has found me.

I found art in the kitchen too. Pizza. Just pepperoni and cheese for the kids on a handmade crust from Artisan Bread in Five, but for the big kids an olive oil-garlic-red onion-spinach- mozzarella creation baked at 550 degrees til it was crispycrusty perfect.

I saw art when seven little kids crowded a pile of papers, cast-off stickers, a box of crayons and doodled their way to happiness.

And you? Where did you find art today?

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owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

isn't it amazingly sweet! i listened to it and watched it over and over, then dragged my husband onto the couch as well. Did my heart a whole lot of good:)