Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Smaller and smaller and smaller

I love this time of the year--Girl Scout cookie season. I have great memories of trying to outsell all the girls in my troop, trying to earn enough money to pay for my entire week at Girl Scout camp. Back in the day, cookies were $2.00. Now they cost $3.50. I can handle that. Inflation, no problem.

But the quantity? Was anyone else a little befuddled when the boxes arrived this year looking like a match box? My tube of Thin Mints is shorter than the phone. Oh my.

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Sarah said...

Apologies for not getting back to you about cookies- I still have them for you, they haven't been eaten!
Life has just been chaotic, crazy and busy busy!! Anyhow- is there anyway we could possibly make a date to meet for coffee or something some evening? I know your hubby has been working his tail off, so just let me know..
Sarah :)