Sunday, March 8, 2009

Signs of Spring:: Part One

We spent some serious time outside this weekend. It reached the upper 30s here... so the snow was melting and puddles forming. Just as the seasons pass, our rain boots replace our snow boots and puddle soaked clothes become the happy status quo. Spring is coming. Soon.

Poor Molly dog... all of her frisbees are buried deep in a snow pile in our yard. Instead she brought me this pitiful sand bucket, hoping that I'd indulge her in a little bucket fetch. I did. She was in dog euphoria.

A snow fort, a very mushy snow fort with which they have a serious love/hate relationship. So fun to build, yes, but hurry up and melt so we can ride our bikes on a dry sidewalk, please!
Miss ladybug boots Louise probably doesn't remember puddles from last year. She has been standing by the door, boots ready, waiting patiently at all hours of the day. "Puddles, mama."
What signs of spring have you seen? Add some photos to your blog and I'll link them all together here.


Tiff said...

I wish I had signs of spring to post today...instead of watching the snow fall. But last year Hayden and I walked along the creek and "checked off" all relevant things we could find: "Buds on trees. Check! Water in creek. Check!" Etc. When THIS snow melts some...I'll post pictures of our excursion.

Stephanie said...

Signs of spring? How bout Angolan rainy season? My kitchen has flooded twice and my ceiling leaks....