Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Is: Gathering With Friends

We had an indoor BBQ on Friday night with Kerry and Sarah's families. It has been raining almost non-stop here lately and we had hoped for a little break. The rain continued, so we just took the party indoors. Since we met we've been gathering with kids and just as women, so this was the first time we included the husbands. Of course, they got along fabulously and it was very difficult to get the kids in the car at the end of the evening.I had to bring dessert, so I opted for a Rhubarb Streusel pie from and fresh rhubarb from our garden.
I also brought along some sugar scrub for gardening hands. I found the idea over at House on Hill Road. It is sugar and dish soap stirred together. I used Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena. It smelled so good and had the consistency of frosting... I wanted to lick the spoon! (note: it mixes together really well, but it separates after a day or two. You'll want to mix it up right before you use it to wash your hands.)


Once Upon A Parent said...

So cool that all of you get together. I just love keeping up with you Minnesota ladies.

Sarah Jane said...

I want more of that pie!
Thanks for coming and no worries that you stayed late. I mean it was late in a good way!
Thanks again for the hand wash. Smells dreamy.

Kerry said...

You mean that wasn't frosting? I'm sure you warned me, but it must have been all the wine! ;) JK It really does smell so good. Maybe I'll have to bring cupcakes with lemon frosting to our next get together.

kyndale said...

So sweet to see you together! :)

paperseed said...

Finally another recipe to try with all our rhubarb. Thanks!