Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Search of Summer: June 1

Memorial Day. The true beginning of summer. A day of picnics and family time. A day to remember. Our day was filled with all of these important events. The kids and I went to Lakewood Cemetary with Ron's parents to visit the family graves. The cemetary was filled with people, flowers and flags in hand, some smiling and laughing, others with tears streaming down their sad faces.
For us, it was a day of discovery and adventure, a day of respect and education. We showed the kids how to carefully wipe the leaves and grass off the grave stones, how to tip-toe around the cemetary, making sure not to step on the names and why it is important to remember those who have gone before us. Carl at his ripe age of seven seems to recall having a picnic with Ron's parents near the graves when he was 2 1/2, conjuring up amazing details of the day. We had a snack near where we placed our flowers, then continued on to the beautiful nature that abounds in the gorgeous grounds of Lakewood. Catfish in the pond, monarch eggs on the milkweed, caterpillars climbing on Great-great Grandpa Ralph's grave.

Afterwards, we took the refurbished street car from the cemetary to Lake Harriet for a mere $2.00. If you've never ridden the line, put it on your must-do list for the summer.


Sarah Jane said...

Very cool, Jenn. We went to visit Bill's dad a few weeks ago. I want to visit Lakeland sometime. Did you see the mosaic chapel? It is suppose to be stunning.

Kerry said...

We've never been either. Henry has been asking to visit a cemetary. There's one near daycare and we've thought about stopping in. If time allows, we might go to his great grandma and great grandpa's gravesite while we are here in CA.
What a fun and meaningful Memorial Day celebration you had!