Friday, June 4, 2010

In Search of Summer: June 4

We've been in search of beautiful flowers here. As May tumbled gently into June, the spring and summer flowers have been at their peak of beauty. Gus and Louise helped me remember to stop and smell them.

My favorite flowers of the early summer have always been tulips and irises, but this year the peonies have been calling my name. Poppies too. I think when we move to the farm I might just have to plant lots and lots of them. So beautiful, and so bright!


Sarah Jane said...

I like how the poppies seem so long and strong.
Have a great weekend!

Kerry said...

Peonies have long been my very favorite. We are here at my aunt's house and she has a ton of wild California poppies all over. So very gorgeous! Now I want some too!
Your photos are terrific Jenn! The colors are so vibrant!

Kerry said...

I just noticed that Louise is wearing her new dress! Show more photos of it please!