Monday, February 1, 2010

A Return to Beautiful

It snowed today. We haven't been outside to play in weeks, really. It has been cold, crunchy and yucky lately, so we've been avoiding the great outdoors and feeling sad about it. So when the skies opened up and let the white fluffy stuff fly, we were out the doors in less than a minute. I haven't ever seen the boys put on their snowpants so quickly! Unfortunately, there was a minor incident with a tunnel-digging shovel that accidentally bumped Mr. Gus in the face and drew blood.


Sarah Jane said...

So glad you got out! We went on a walk after dinner. It's beautiful. See you Friday!

Kerry said...

It does look pretty again doesn't it?! It's nice to have that dirty, icy, gray mess covered up, if only for a little while! Poor Gus!