Friday, February 12, 2010

I love... the winter

These past weeks have made this winter tolerable. I was getting really tired of the cold, cold and more cold. But these past few have been warm (for winter, that is) and snowy. For me at home with the kids, this is all I need. We've been playing out side every day, many times a day. These photos were taken from Louise's window this morning. We love the morning sun and frost.
And the icicles... do your kids love them as much as mine? As we drive around in the van, we sing a little song "We are icicle seekers... and we seek icicles...."


Kerry said...

Oh yes, icicles. Henry and I had a great adventure earlier in the week breaking the huge icicles off our house and using them as swords. We also used them to write and draw in the snow. The sun has been wonderful this week. Today, with the sun and the birds I got a "springy" type feeling.

The pictures are great Jenn! I would love to hear you guys sing your song.

Sarah Jane said...

I need to know the tune to your song!

Once Upon A Parent said...

I love the frost on the windows. We awoke to a similar picture on our car windows. I wasn't able to snap a shot as beautiful as this though.