Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chocolate Love

My friend Kristine introduced me to an amazing new splurge: Chile Limon Chocolate Bars by B.T. McElrath, a local chocolatier. She found it at a fun little local store called Sugar Sugar, located on 38th and Grand in Minneapolis, an adorable all-candy store. Fancy and fun, it is full of delicious things to whet your whistle. I was primed when I walked in there yesterday with Gus, my resident candy-fiend, and I saw the tell-tale muted golds and reds from the box. Love, it is love. Go and find yourself a box, really you must. I'm normally just a dark chocolate kind of gal, but this one has a swirl of both milk and dark that you just can't beat. Run, don't walk, go find some. Even just one tiny rectangle will satisfy you, really.


Sarah Jane said...

Don't. Need. To. Know. This.

Anonymous said...

City Farm Girl, Glad you're keepin' that choco-love alive.
I. Love. To. Hear. It.

Kerry said...

Can't wait to try it! Maybe if I point this out to Neal he'll get the hint for Valentine's Day!