Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School

Ron walked an apprehensive Carl to school on Tuesday for his first day of 1st grade. There had been a few mix ups in terms of his teacher, so he was worried about which friends from last year would still be in his class. They started uniforms this year, or standard clothes. The choices are navy or khaki bottoms and a red, navy or white shirt. Very simple. Nice and easy for me. (Too bad I couldn't find his own sweatshirt that morning... don't tell him that it was too small!)

With the first few days under his belt, he's a much happier guy.

Feliz primer dia del primer grado, Carl.

Te quiero mucho.

xoxo Mama

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Jennifer Mosher said...

Cute Carl! What school is he going to? I mean, uniforms?
Will I see you when I come to MPLS in Oct? see my FB invite...

Day to Day Tripper said...

Hope your little guy is enjoying school. I was thinking of you and thought I'd say "hi". My oldest just started kindergarten at Barton. He has done well getting on the bus and made some new friends. He only goes half day mornings so I still get to see lots of him and he has time to play in the dirt with his little brother every day.

I still think it would be fun to try and get together some morning or afternoon.