Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beet Love

At the Minneapolis Mill City Farmer's Market I found love. Beet love. Actually, carrot love too. There was a man selling a mixed bouquet of five different colors of beets. At the stall next door there was a young girl with mixed bouquets of beets, orange carrots and purple carrots. With bunches of beautiful vegetables like that, who needs flowers? I indulged my inner beet lover and bought both.

My kids aren't into beets and my husband is only a reluctant "if you insist on putting that on my salad" beet fan, so I was able to enjoy nearly every sweet, crimson globe of perfection myself.
Any other beet fans out there?


nicola said...

me me me! love them.
never did until a friend made them for me like this: roast the beet until it is soft enough to be cut away from the skin into cubes. separately, toast pine nuts in a pan on the stove. stir those together and sprinkle with goat cheese. yum.

Julie said...

Jack would belly up to your counter for those beets! :) He loves beets. I made a lentil and beet salad, and he gobbled them up and asked if we could grow them next year!