Sunday, April 26, 2009

A tree house is growing at our house:: part 1

Life around our house has been more fun lately with Daddy home more often. Ron has been working incredible hours these past few months as the owner of his own business. It feels good to know that every hour he's away from us, he's putting in an hour toward our future. Still, having him around here really feels good.

Last weekend the boys and Ron broke ground, or shall I say, cut branches on a tree house. Ron had been thinking about building one with the boys for quite some time when he received a great book on tree houses for birthday this year. It was inspiring for the boys to look at, drool over and dream about. Carl even took it outside one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago to study and then sketch out his dream fort with a visiting friend.
In addition to just having him home, I like that it is his project. Well, their project. I'm the gardener and flower tender in the family while he just mows. It makes me smile when the kids crowd around him and the old apple tree that will soon become their new home and I find that I actually have a few kid-free moments to do my own digging.Getting started: a post that was dug into the ground and concrete poured on top. (Please don't report our peeling paint to the city. It's on our list for summer tasks.)

I'll report back as the project progresses and the fun continues.

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