Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Fun Book Surprise!

A padded envelope arrived unannounced in my mailbox the other day. Postmark? Virginia. Hmmmm. The book is called "My Mama Made That," a book of yummy favorites from the women in Virginia. It was published by The Junior League of Hampton Roads and had been reviewed recently in the paper where my friend Julie lives. She hopped quickly over to the bookstore and picked up two copies, one for herself and the other for me, just 'cause it reminded her of me. What a special treat!
The book goes above and beyond all other local-type cookbooks I've ever seen. They arranged for a photographer to shoot amazing photographs of delicious southern fare as well as a beautiful collection of aprons. The photography is by Lee Walker Shepherd who is both a photgrapher and stylist. Check out her stuff here. From the credits in the book, it looks like local friends chipped in to provide the props like a restored 1946 Chevy pickup.

And then there's the food....
A book featuring red velvet cake-- of course I love it!I think this might become a summer favorite around our house: Balsamic Chicken with Fresh Summer Relish on page 152.
It couldn't be from an ocean side area without a fun cocktail called Ocean Blue Margarita. Can you say, "Official Summer Beverage" anyone?

I love the rick rack trim. I also love the Coastal crab cakes recipe. I think someday when I actually get to the coast, not just a lake here in land-locked Minnesota, I'm going to make this. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new nightstand favorite nightly. Sweet and savory dreams, to you all.


Stephanie said...

Fun! Someday we will publish a book....something, anything!

Julie said...

I am glad that you like it! Isn't it just a neat and pretty book?