Tuesday, August 5, 2008

scrappy books

I've been out of the habit of doing many crafty things during June and July, so I decided that I needed to throw a crafty party, or rather, girl get-together, to get inspired. I invited my mom to go in on the whole deal, partly because it could be at her house (no kids, no toys, more space) but mostly because I love collaborating with her.

Here we are together the night of the party.

We tried to come up with an idea for a crafty project that could be completed in one evening that wouldn't be too difficult or intimidating to friends that hadn't embraced their inner crafty selves as much as we have. Inspired by Freckled Nest's kits we ordered last spring and a tutorial on her website, we decided on teeny little photo books. We took her idea, made it our own and tweaked a few things to suit our situation. Voila... scrappy books.

Everyone received an envelope of instructions and papers at the party. We led them through the steps and then let them go crafty with the supplies. Everyone was thrilled with their results.

We purposely kept the group small so we could practice our schtick. I can see hosting more of these in the future to get more people involved in getting crafty. Maybe this is one of the classes I'll be teaching at our farm someday when women come for retreats?!? Anyone else want to learn how to make these?

So sweet.
(B... you're blog-worthy!) Isn't this one lovely? Love the letters on the tag in silver!
Some of the supplies.Oh, and of course, any self-respecting hostess would be serving food too, right?

The Flourless Chocolate tart from Salty Tart.

Instead of flour, they use ground almonds. Can you say, DELISH?


noradawn said...

What a beautiful set up and fun party! How many times have I said "I wish I could have been there" on your comments? Sign me up for a women's retreat at the farm. Maybe that will be a treat to myself when everyone's weaned.

Freckled Nest said...

You guys are SO cool!! Good job! :)