Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not taken over by weeds, exactly...

Yes, there are some weeds there, but mostly it is the pumpkin plants that were mysteriously planted by the compost harvested from our compost pile at the beginning of the summer. I still love the pumpkin plants, especially as they've started to produce pumpkins, but my oh my. They are overtaking everything! My poor onions were looking great, but now have no sunlight. I had to dig them up early last week as I was worried they would rot in the ground. For next year, they can go in a different area and let this front-and-center real estate go to more useful veggies.
The little red onions... only slightly larger than they were when I planted them as sets.

One of four brussel sprout plants that are happy to produce leaves, but no apparent brussel sprouts. Any suggestions?
All in a day's harvest. The lettuce and basil have been the favorites around here this summer. These were our first two carrots, but they didn't last long when the boys spied them.

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