Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures at the sculpture park

We went on an amazing family outing today to Franconia, a scupture park out in the middle of the country. We have driven by it without stopping an embarrassing number of times, but today we sought it out. We joined some friends for the "iron pour"-- a family friendly festival where you can watch the process of pouring hot, molten lava, I mean... hot iron into molds that have been prepared by artists and families alike.

These are the molds created by families and visitors.
The molds prepared by the big dogs... the two "chimneys" out the top are for filling and then knowing when it is full-- it pours out!

The concentration required by these guys is amazing! Warm day, long sleeve protective wear, the heat and weight of this bucket of hot iron... and a hard core band playing!

The studly work crew...discussing the filling of the upcoming bucket.

Check out the pulley system they use to lift the molten iron.

Carving to create their own sculptures.

Carving out the mold for some, playing with the sand for Gus.

What an amazing place! 18 acres, filled with giant scuptures and mowed down paths in the meadow to reach each of them. Now, how can we fill up our meadow with sculptures like this? Is anyone willing to barter? Goat cheese for sculpture? There's gotta be someone.

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