Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a family reunion and family farms

Gustav's farm.
A long time ago in Varola, Sweden there was a family. They called themselves Warolin, as in Varolin, as in from Varola. Johannes and Josephina were owners of a mill and had many children. Of those children, four decided to embark upon a journey to the United States. Two stayed in Sweden. The sole daughter Anna, married Einar and had one child and moved to Stockholm. The remaining son in Sweden Johan married Alma and had three children and also became mill owners.

The four boys (men) arrived in Minnesota and worked on the Lindberg farm (as in Charles Lindberg) until they had saved enough money to buy their own farms. Karl, Gustav and Andrew bought land in the Milaca and Foreston area of Minnesota and raised their families there. Karl married Hilda and had three children. Gustav married Hannah and had five children. Andrew married Gunhild and had three children. Simon became a photographer and joined the miliary, eventually traveling throughout the world to take photos. While Charles Lindberg was taking his transatlantic flight, Simon was on the scene to record the moment. While in Europe, Simon met a wonderful French woman and married her. Simon and Nan remained in France and raised their two sons.

Out of these six children, a large family was created. Last weekend we attended the Warolin family reunion in Milaca, MN. Ulla Gothborg, married to Runo Davidsson, created the most amazing family tree on a six foot long piece of paper in beautiful calligraphy. The photos just don't do it justice, though they are wonderful for consulting for family queries.

I am a decendent of Karl Warolin, granddaughter of his daughter Florence, daughter of Charles. I have visited and spent time with our French Warolin branch of the tree and had the opportunity to meet many of our Swedish Warolin relatives over the years as they visit the United States.

I am in awe of this amazing family. I am thankful to be a Warolin.

As a side note, both Carl's and Gus' names are quite important on this Warolin family tree. We knew there was a Carl and a Gustaf on the tree somewhere... just didn't quite know exactly where. My jaw dropped when I realized how cool it is that my great grandfather was Karl Warolin and my great great uncle was Gustav Warolin. One of our little Gus' middle names is Warolin.

These are photos of the family farms we were able to visit. Farming is in my blood.

The one room school house my grandmother Florence attended in rural Milaca and has since become a single family home.

The barn that used to house cows on Karl and Hilda's farm. My Dad remembers being in this barn as a child.
My Carl with my Dad Chuck on his grandfather Karl's farm. Got that?

This farm belonged to Harold, my grandmother's brother. He and his wife Irene raised their six children on this farm, though it is no longer in the family.

My Dad and Irene, the matriarch of the Warolin clan in the United States.

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Carrie said...

I'm Ella Warolin. I live in Napoleon, Michigan. My dad is Vincent Warolin son of Edgar Warolin, who is a son of Gustav and Hannah Warolin. Cool pictures! I'll show my grandpa. It'll make him really excited. ;)