Monday, July 28, 2008

the beauty of an artichoke

Is this a vegetable, or a flower? Prickly and crazy looking on the outside, once you peel off the layers, scraping your teeth on the succulent meat, the inside truly resembles a prehistoric flower. A showy yet messy food for guests, the joy of eating a artichoke is in the process.

But why, oh why, is the heart of the artichoke SO ugly? I tried to get the kids to taste it... but with the way it looks, why would anyone want to try it? Maybe so the diehards can keep it all to ourselves. Mmmm. Keep the ugly hearts coming my way.

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Stephanie said...

The only time I ever ate raw artichokes was with the coluhless French yoga instructor/farmer back in 2001. I don't remember them being so pretty though. Probably a side effect of that whole experience!