Monday, April 21, 2008

Purse update

We finished! If you remember the sisters-in-law sew-athon, here are the final results!

This is mine, with the addition of a button from my Grandma J's button box. Helps prevent things from falling out. I reversed the bottoms so they are mis-matched on purpose.

Krista's lovely Amy Butler fabrics.
Tonya's botanical selection. So adorable!

And here are all the girls hanging out together.
Up next? We still have to decide. But the project after that is quilts. I've got a Denyse Schmidt one I want to do, for a summer coverlet.


Anonymous said...

Love seeing the girls hanging out!! MOM

Stephanie said...

I'm confuss-ed by the purses. It seem like the flat side, that would sit against your body, are not congruent with the sense of the strap, which means they would hang funny. Can you take a photo holding it so I can see? Other than my confusion, I think they are adorable!!