Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bathrobe fun

For Christmas I really wanted to make the boys bathrobes. They had never worn robes, but see me every day and night in mine. I just LOVE wearing a robe, which is why I think I have five. Yikes. One for every kind of season or weather, which is a lot in Minnesota.

I found some fleece with dalmation dogs and fire hydrants on it, but it was in the discount bin, most likely returned because someone had put in in the dryer on too high of heat. There were crispy spots on the fleece, but mostly useable. I cut out a large circle for the back of each, as well as pockets for the front with a large and small dog on either pocket. The zig on my machine worked perfectly to attach on the circles.

Carl's favorite color is royal blue, so his robe became a fuzzy, fleecy blue. Gus digs red, so his became a soft, sleek red. They received coordinating sock-slippers for Christmas from Ron's parents. The perfect morning get-up.

Gotta love that morning hair. Actually, since I rarely comb their hair, Gus' generally looks like this. Boys are SUPPOSED to have messy hair, right?

It is surprising that the belts were actually attached the day of this photo. Most days they are removed from the robes and turned into fishing rods, tow truck cables, dog leashes. You get the idea.

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noradawn said...

I never comb Zephyr's hair, either!