Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Composting in the rain

Our compost bin has been filling up for the past few years without anyone paying any attention to it. I've been quite diligent about adding kitchen scraps to it, but it finally reached the point of no return. It was full, quite full. Since we're serious this year about doing some vegetable gardening and have located a new spot, I thought that a warm, rainy day might be the perfect day to shovel out the black gold. Carl and I shoveled off the chunky top layer, then wheeled the rest to our new garden.
Worm love. My boys love worms. Worms love compost. Boys love compost. It is so simple.

The new garden bed, outlined with bricks here. I'm working on my plans for what will go where, but after reading Square Foot Gardening, I began a new style of garden than I had before. I have boards stretched out where the paths will be. This garden is in the front, right next to the sidewalk and cuddled up to the white picket fence over which our neighbors also have a veggie garden. We're excited about gardening over the fence together... her three and my three. We'll have many dirty toes, fingers and even faces when they play, dig, run, and chomp in our garden.

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village mama said...

Wishing you abundant healthy 'new style of garden' crop.