Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gus the ingester!

A conversation heard in the back of the van today, "Gus, where is your ginko leaf?"

"I ate it. I put it in my mouth."

Carl replies, "But Gus, didn't you know that you're not supposed to eat leaves?"

"It was yummy. But it was grandma's leaf."

"Grandma's going to be sad. Are ginko leaves poisonous, Mom?"

I respond, " I don't know, but I bet they don't taste very good. You should only put food in your mouth. No leaves, no dog bones. Just food."

Carl chimes in, "Yeah, Gus, don't eat leaves and dog bones."

Interesting conversation.

Last night while I was putting Louise to bed, I heard the cupboard open that holds the dog food and bones. A little rustling, but nothing unusual. Ten minutes later I came downstairs to the kitchen to find Gus, Milk Bone evidence in hand, green crumbs surrounding his mouth.

"I ate Molly's bone, Mom."

"Wow, Gus, how did that taste?"

"Yucky. I was hungry."

"How many did you eat?"

"Two green ones."

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