Monday, October 22, 2007

A second post... a month later?!?

Here it is, a month later. I had forgotten who my blog host was. I had forgotten my password. I had forgotten how it worked. With a little sleuth work, I got it. Here we are. Publishing. On line.

Over the past month I've been taking pictures of all the fun activities I have been doing with the kids, in hopes to someday upload them to the site to share the fun. I read other blogs and imagine that someday, mine too, can be inspiring. That will be for another day.

For now, my sweet morning.

Carl came upstairs this morning with two large Tupperware containers with blue lids. Inside, he had poured us each a bowl of Life cereal and milk. He brought with him two large spoons. In he walked singing, "Good morning every body, yes indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed. Good morning everybody, yes indeed, yes indeed my mommy and daddy." A big grin spread across his face as he saw our surprised expressions, "I brought you breakfast in bed." He returned downstairs to bring the smaller versions of the same Tupperware containers for himself and Gus, as well as small spoons, to join us for a family of five plus the dog, breakfast in bed.

He's 4 1/2, perhaps going on 35 with his idea for cereal in containers with lids, no spills, no drips, no mess in the kitchen. May I never forget his sweet face from today.

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noradawn said...

I'm honored to be your first reader! And I love both your first entry (now I want a hobby farm!) and your story about breakfast in bed. Your wish to never forget how his sweet face looked this morning echoes my own frequent thoughts. Lots of love!