Monday, November 16, 2009

Jack Frost

In October when it snowed here, I complained. The frost killed my tomato plants, roughed up my impatiens and forced the end of my growing season.
This morning when I peered out my window and noticed that Jack Frost had visited, I couldn't have been happier. It is November. It is supposed to be crisp and cold and sometimes even snowy. I dropped to my knees with my camera this morning to inspect every tiny crystalline fleck I could see, creeping around in the garden shooting pictures while the curious folks driving by must have wondered what exactly I was doing at 7:30 in my garden when the temperature read 35 degrees.

Welcome Fall, I'm glad you're here. Winter, could you please wait until after Thanksgiving to really arrive?


Sarah Jane said...

Beautiful, pics, Jenn. I agree. Winter can wait, but glad fall is here now. And Kerry is taking leave from work starting in Thanksgiving. I think we should all get together some morning for coffee- or evening for a glass of wine.
My e-mail is sarahjanekipling at yahoo dot com
Enjoy your day! I'm off to get the H1N1 for myself today.

Kerry said...

I agree with Sarah... on all of it! The photos are terrific, glad to see fall, and yes, yes, yes on the coffee or wine!

crafty farm girl said...

Well, I think I've found my female soulmate. Hi Jenn, I'm Aimee Carpenter and I live in Connecticut. I just (finally) finished my website design/blogs and published it yesterday afternoon. My children were "googling" me this afternoon trying to see if I'd finally created a hit on Google and we came across your site. A kindred farm girl soul. Check my new site out at By the way, I am not a hit on Google yet. I guess that will take s ome more internet tweaking.

Mountain Sketch said...

Wonderful pictures!

nicola@which name? said...

stunning photos. you don't want to know what our weather is....