Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Doll House

Here's a little corner of our house... a favorite one. This is Louise's room and her new doll house that my parents made her for Christmas. They re-purposed a funky CD tower into this lovely little thing. I couldn't believe it! Even the boys like to get in on the doll house action.
Little details everywhere. The construction was mostly my Dad, including the furniture made from scraps of wood from his woodshop. The painting and decorating was by my Mom, who also did the painting on my childhood doll house that is now a favorite play piece at their house.
The kitchen. Notice on the little people how they are sitting down in this photo.
Here's the living room with a couch and two arm chairs. Here the person is standing. Their body twists at the waist with a diagonal cut on their waist. So interesting! They were purchased at a new local wooden toy store called The Green Goober. Look at the family photo on the wall. They thought of everything, I guess.Bedroom #1. Look at the adorable tiny copper nails for drawer pulls.
Bedroom #2, the kids' room.

And of course, coming from my Mom, a little bag to keep all the pieces together. Louise loves her house!


noradawn said...

Wow! That is so wonderful! What a thoughtful and beautiful creation.

Stephanie said...

oh my god! I love it! Can't wait to play with Weez this summer!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I will stay at your house an extra hour each time I come to play with the house. Hopefully Louise will be okay with that.
Great pictures.

Layla said...

What a fab house! We all loved the picture of your family in miniature. Brian said that it's a great way to have the house always have a great family history.
Love the green goober.

Lisa said...

This is the best thing i have ever seen. your parents did an awesome job and how thoughtful. my mind is now spinning with ideas.....(found you through vintagechicas blog)