Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day to Remember

We spent much of the day today watching, listening, reading and talking about all-things-inauguration. What an amazing day to be alive! The pomp and circumstance of a grand Washington event brings back my inner-event planner. The kids and I enjoyed watching the crowds knowing my brother and sister-in-law were there... shivering in the cold, listening live (well, amplified) to the sounds of Yo-Yo Ma and the quartet, Aretha Franklin in her amazing hat, and of course, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world absorbing President Obama's speech.
If we keep the memories fresh of this fine day, will they remember today? Will they remember it as we remember important days of history we have lived through? September 11th, being old enough to vote and voting for Clinton, the space shuttle crashing when I was in Jr. High. Important days indeed.
No matter what your political leaning, today marks a big day for the United States. A day to remember. A day for change.

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Stephanie said...

Hear hear! For me it was especially memorable being in Africa, as almost all of my colleagues were heading home early to see the inauguration. When has watching any inauguration made it to the top of my agenda, much less that of another country's?

I watched it with one American and two European friends, and I liked having my European friends there, to hear their responses and questions. The biggest was their surprise at how religious it was. "You have prayer at this?!?!" And to see how they got sick of hearing "only in America...." It's healthy, and helpful, I think, to share the event with non-US folks in addition to compatriotas!