Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nature Hike

Last week we went on a hike with friends to a nearby nature center, Wood Lake. It is an amazing place... a center with live animals, nature displays, a worm-composter, and an area for kids-- plus all the outdoor trails surrounding the lake. Our kids love there because they can splash, stomp, climb, run, explore and just be kids.

Climbing the pirate ship. "Ahoy matey. I'm Captain Feathersword."

You never know what we will find there. Here's a bee or wasp nest, perhaps for a school project?!?
They are collecting sap for maple syrup. The nature center sells these contraptions for cheap. Hmmm, I wonder how many maples are on our farm. I'll have to look next time we're there.

Cuddles on the trails. Even little ones love hiking in the woods.

A little sleepy post-nap. It was handy that there was still enough snow for a sled to pull her along the trail.

After the tromp in the woods, we snuggled up in the sun's rays with our cocoa, pretzels and animal crackers.

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village mama said...

A nature hike followed by cocoa and salty goodness. What joy! Love the lined up mugs.