Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter morning

Is it supposed to snow in Minnesota in March?
How is the Easter bunny supposed to put eggs in our yard when it is filled with snow?

Eggs Benedict on Easter morning. My husband must love me.

The Easter Bunny must have been really busy this year. Either that, or we must have had a birthday at our house the week of Easter.
I didn't put up ANY decorations this year, which is unlike me, but it is true, no decorations. We stayed home on Easter morning and had a leisurely breakfast in pajammas (pronounced the British way at our house says Carl--pa-jah-mas--) and I noticed that it was feeling a little un-Easterly.
Interestingly enough, when the kids went down the basement to play for a while, the Easter Bunny came. He must have been waiting for them to leave the living room because not only did he come, but he found our bucket of Easter decorations and went to town! Bunnies, ducks, chicks, you name it, he put it out. There were plastic eggs each filled with ONE jelly bean all around the living room and dining room. He even dropped off a basket with some books and new (fake) Crocs for the boys and a pair of Robees for Louise. We yelled downstairs that the Easter bunny had come while we went upstairs to get dressed and suddenly... two boys flew up the stairs. "Wow! How did the Easter Bunny know that we were downstairs, Mama?"
A good question, indeed.

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