Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morning sunshine

Early morning sunshine, coming in the east window upstairs.

Breakfast at the kid table with my favorite mug of all time.

Breakfast shadow fun.

It was -12 degrees this morning at 7 am, with a -25 windchill. The only way to feel warm today was to sit in the sun's rays at breakfast, longing for the days when we can go outside and run, run, rrrrruuuunnnnnn again in the yard.

Just a little crafting going lately, mostly because I'm STILL cleaning the office and craft space. When it is done, I will post the before picture. I'm just annoyed at how long it is taking. But really, at the end of the day, chasing around these three kiddos, cleaning is often at the bottom of my list.

Here's the chicken purse, a birthday present for our 15 year old friend Heather.

Close up of the batik chicken. Haven't YOU always wanted a batik chicken? Thought so.

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