Monday, February 4, 2008

Grand Central Station

Train Yard, Grand Central Depot.
Collection of the New-York Historical Society

We watched the program on PBS tonight entitled "Grand Central: American Experience." Wow. What a show. Carl's eyes were fixated on the TV like I've never seen. We hurried home from dinner at a friend's house to catch it. It felt quite strange to hurry home for TV, as we aren't TV watchers, at all. Our TV lives in the basement and has TERRIBLE reception. Recently we acquired a small model from my grandpa who buys them at thrift stores and cleans them up. It lives in my closet now, except for moments such as tonight.

The show detailed the long and amazing history of Grand Central Station and how it affected traffic and the lives of New Yorkers. Having only been to NYC a hand full of times, I can't truly understand the relationship New Yorkers have with GCS, but it was a sight to behold when I arrived on an Amtrack train 10 years ago.

Carl (and Gus too) is fascinated by trains. He loves all the Thomas stuff, but also really digs real trains. Last week we visited the Jackson Street Round House (also called Minnesota Transportation Museum) and climbed in and out of the train cars, checked out the turn table, rode a caboose down the line and picknicked in a rail car. Such fun.

There's a place on the PBS site to watch it. I missed 15 minutes or so while putting Louise to bed-- I'll have to catch it later.

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noradawn said...

We're taking a train trip to Santa Ana, California in July. I think Zephyr's going to eat it up, as he's into trains as well!