Friday, January 4, 2008

Finished projects

It was a successful Christmas in terms of production. I finished most of the projects I wanted to complete.

Here are a few pics of the t-shirts (although I still haven't finished Carl's or Louise's.)

And the granola was a hit too. Here's a pic of the bags before I set them out on the table getting ready for book club. When I returned from the park one hour later, Molly dog had kindly helped herself to one of my bags, ripped it apart, and took it to savor in the basement. What a dog.

(The fabric is a vintage sheet from an estate sale many moons ago!)

And here is the little monkey I made for my niece Annika's bday. I put him in a little box, included a photo album and a purse to carry him in, then wrote a little story about him.

(my inspiration is floresita )

Here is Louise with the monkey Lulu.

Lulu and her travel bag.

Lulu and her story, in her photo album. I should have written it down for myself too... for future reference.

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floresita said...

Your monkey is fabulous! Bravo! :)