Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fine tuning the blog

I've been working on fine tuning the layout of this blog. It is intimidating to set up, with so many talented bloggers out there in the craft community. I've decided to keep it a secret until further notice, or shall I say, until I feel sufficiently comfortable with the way it looks.

Not much crafting going on here these days. Louise and I returned from warm and mostly sunny Atlanta after visiting college friends. What a nice treat-- an escape from the snow. I'm still finding occasional Christmas decorations around here, so I've been busy wrangling them up and putting away til next year.

I've decided that before I get started on any more projects, I MUST clean my desk and craft space. It is embarrassing. The issue at hand is a lack of time devoted every day to putting the mail in the proper place. My kitchen mail center works great-- when I take the time to use it correctly and not pile things up by the coffee pot. My filing system in the office works great-- if I stop to file things away. This does NOT work.

Nor does this. Suddenly my stash of craft supplies has morphed into a dragon needing to be tamed. Before I begin ANY other projects, I need to get to work. The problem? After being with the kids all day, at night all I feel like doing is resting, putting my feet up, talking to R, doing the necessary tasks to keep the household running. Cleaning the basement does not fit into that category.

One more thing... have you discovered the beautiful film "Once"? These two have so much chemistry in their music. Take a listen.


noradawn said...

I'm so honored to be in on your secret life as a blogger! Great talking with you today! Zephyr and I split the Luna bar on our walk home :)

SierraMoon said...

Thanks -- I was very sensitive to this short movie. Didn't know the song but brought tears to my eyes...