Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Mr. Gus

Mr. Gus turned seven last week, the day after Louise turned five.  With Mother's Day and their two birthdays, our lives are filled with lots of celebration and hugs all around.
Gus is finishing up first grade and is loving all that comes with getting older: growing out his hair, getting a real bike that fits him, more freedom to ride his bike around the block, more chores around the house.  He's extremely helpful, when he's in the mood, loves to listen to music on the Gus playlist on the IPod and sing really loud, has fun digging worms and bugs in the garden when he's not running the weed whipper, and thinks that string cheese is the perfect snack food.  He's cuddly and affectionate, gets along with his brother and sister (most of the time) and enjoys being in charge of our dog. 

We love you, G!  Happy Birthday.
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Sarah Jane said...

Happy b-day, Gus. I know this next year is gonna be a great one!

Stephanie said...

oh gus, I hope you're still cuddly by the time I get to see you again! I miss my bush baby.

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