Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost Famous

Gus wanted to join the Mexican Dance and Culture class at his school to become famous. Maybe it was an excuse to get up on stage, or maybe just an opportunity to wear some amazing costumes, but I think he's well on his way to becoming famous. I mean, really. A kid this Scandinavian looking, dressing up in a Mexican Viejitos (Little Old Man) costume and understanding most every little Spanish word spoken on stage, is pretty fun. He had a performance last week with his group and another all-Mexican dance troupe in which they performed more than their staple dances. He was able to do a fisherman dance (with the all white outfits and hats), pretend he was part of a Mariachi band and then his old man dance. Such fun. Viva el baile!

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Sarah Jane said...

go gus! i want to see you dance!

Kerry said...

So fun! Good for you Gus! Looking forward to seeing you perform and also looking forward to being part of the community! Henry loves the old man costume!