Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Sweets in Town

This is a wonderful time to be alive and awake in Minneapolis. We have THREE new bakeries in South Minneapolis. We're a bit sad that Rustica headed for Uptown, but are quite glad that Patisserie 46, Sun Street Breads and Sweets Bakeshop have arrived and are in a lovely bikeable proximity from our house.


If you're in the mood, may I suggest the amazing raspberry scones at Sun Street, where I got to meet the baker Solveig herself. She must slice open the dough and slather in the raspberries before sending them off to meet their fate in the oven. At Patisserie 46, there are no wrong turns. The almond croissant made me moan (quietly, of course, I'm Minnesotan) and their open face sandwich special one day with blue cheese, walnuts, fig preserves and endive was swoon worthy. I've only ventured into Sweets once and was impressed, but could only afford the small cupcakes, as shown above. They did make for the perfect little treats for my kids for an afternoon of tea party fun. My green macaron, the french variety, not the coconut kind, was delightful, if not a bit spooky, due to the odd green color. Yum, yes.


You may want to check out what the local blog Heavy Table has to say about the "trifecta" we've landed. I second that.


Kerry said...

Oh my, my mouth is watering! I just spotted Patisserie 46 while driving past not too long ago and was wondering about it. Now I know that I should stop by and try something for myself! Thanks for the reviews Jenn! I'm thinking we might need to meet for coffee and sweets sometime in the very near future!

Valerie said...

happy Easter Jenn !
& bon app├ętit ;)
I thought about you & your fabulous cakes & desserts today... as I baked my traditional (for Easter) rum baba

Sarah Jane said...


Tiff said...

I miss the old neighborhood. A lot.

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Absolutely delectable!!!