Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Step Back... part two

We hosted officially ONE event here during the Christmas season, a post-Christmas pageant brunch with our parents. Our oven had just officially died and we were faced with the prospect of making brunch, oven-free. As a baker, I wonder if there is a more difficult fate? Alas, we remembered the electric fry pan and realized that our brunch could be saved! Hello beignets! We served a southern inspired four-course brunch. Louise had fallen asleep on the way home from church and continued her slumber. Carl and Gus busied themselves playing Legos nearby while both sets of grandparents enjoyed the leisurely pace of the meal.
Mimosas, a tangerine and roasted beet salad on arugula with cranberry vinagrette, a tweaked version of of this succotash (corn, red peppers, green beans, baby lima beans, zucchini, herbs and a splash of cream!), red beans and rice, and coffee and beignets for dessert. We might have set a record for brunch at our normally fast-paced breakfast time.


Sarah Jane said...

No way. I didn't know the oven died. Sounds so good.

Kerry said...

Beautiful! Sounds so, so yummy! You are one creative cook my dear!