Monday, October 12, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like... WINTER?

Look what we woke up to this morning! Saturday morning we had a little dusting, but this morning, it looks like December! How can this be? It isn't even mid-October.
Here are the swiss chard leaves I was hoping to harvest soon for a lovely soup recipe I found. Wonder what frozen chard tastes like? I brought in one plant that had summered outside on Friday night, but still had a few more that needed to come in for the winter. I think they're probably frozen compost-bound now.
It is quite beautiful, despite the shock of snow in October. My favorite part of the snow is the light it makes, the bright white glow that shines in the windows. Very comforting, cozy and makes me feel like baking. Cookies this afternoon? If you're local, stop by today. By dinner time we should be smelling good!

And you? What's the weather like there?


Catherine said...

I agree about the light in the house from the snow. I've always loved this and didn't realize it until this morning. Maybe it's because when it's snowy in December, I expect it and today was totally off? I'm embracing it, regardless. The kids love it! :)

marie said...

It's gray and gloomy here, but no snow. I hear a lot of folks have gotten an early freeze, though! Hope your chard is still edible. :)

tom said...

IT is 92 degrees in Florida, arrived back here on Friday. A bit of snow would cool us off a bit!! Hope indian summer comes before winter is there to stay.

nicola@which name? said...

rain rain rain wind rain here. big shift from the 80s and sun we had a week or so ago. (we get "indian summer.") it was as though the weather dial turned and poof(!) hello, winter.

i love the shot of the snow on the autumn colored tree.


Eren said...

Jenn, I can't believe you have snow already...Its rainy and gloomy here, but its getting cooler.

Terry Nelson said...

It snowed here too.